Uttarvahini Narmada Parikrama

04 Days / 03 Nights

Uttarvahini Narmada Parikrama

Narmada river is among the 7 holiest rivers in Hinduism. The importance of the Narmada River as sacred is testified by the fact that the pilgrims perform a holy pilgrimage of a Parikrama or Circumambulation of the river. The Narmada Parikrama, as it is called, is considered to be a meritorious act that a pilgrim can undertake. It is considered very auspicious when a river flows in the North direction. Narmada river flows in the North direction near Garudeshwar - Tilakwada to Rampura. Hence termed as Uttar Vahini Narmada Parikrama. It is said that doing this Uttarvahini Narmada Parikrama is as auspicious as doing the whole Narmada Parikrama by way of walking. It must be done in the auspicious Chaitra month (by way of Hindu calendar).

This Uttarvahini Narmada Parikrama is considered very easy as against the whole Narmada Parikrama which takes more than 3 months to walk. This Uttarvahini Narmada Parikrama is also known as 'Uttarvahini Panchkoshi" Narmada Parikrama. By way of a rule whilst doing Narmada Parikrama - it should be observed that Narmada Maiyya should always be on the right hand side. Our Uttarvahini Narmada parikrama starts at Rampura village and ends at Tilakwada. Narmada was born from the sweat of Lord Shiva while doing 'Tandav' dance. That is why Narmada is said to be the daughter of Lord Shiva. It is also said that, 'Narmada ma jetla kankar etla badha j Shankar' – 'All pebbles in Narmada River are the form of Lord Shiva'.

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Stay Plan

Detailed Itinerary

Day One Pune, Mumbai - Baroda train journey.
Day Two
  • Travel Baroda to garudeshwar
  • Fresh Up / Tea Coffee / Breakfast
  • Narmada bath / Tembe Swami Samadhi darshan / garudeshwar (Mahadev) darshan
  • Mahaprasad at afternoon and evening in the Ashram.
  • worship of Uttaravahini Narmada
Day three
  • Start journy from Rampura in early morning(5am). 25 km walk and a couple of times to get into the boats along the Narmada.
  • 5.30-start
  • 7.00-Narmada bath
  • 8.30-Tapovan Ashram
  • 9.00 Sitaram Ashram
  • 10-traveling via Boats along the Narmada.
  • 11.00- Maninageshwar Ashram
  • 12.00- tilakvada darshan
  • return journey to Rampur via Boats
  • 1.30 -Travel End
  • Mahaprasad at Ashram
  • Relax and stay
Day Four
  • back to Baroda / travel Baroda to Mumbai/pune via train


Ex Pune
Joining and Leaving Reporting at Pune Railway StationINR 6000/-
Ex Mumbai *(Reporting at Mumbai Central / Borivali)*
Joining and LeavingReporting at Mumbai Central / BorivaliINR 5500/-

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