Al Bastakiya – The Historical Neighborhood in Dubai

Escape the modernism and technological advancements that Dubai stands for and travel back in time with a trip to Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, also known as Al Bastakiya. Al Bastakiya holds the memories of an era that pre-dates the federation of the Emirates.Constructed in the 1690s, Al Bastakiya gives you interesting insights into the rich cultural heritage of Dubai.

Al Bastakiya- Dubai

Al Bastakiya village is situated along Dubai Creek and Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest residential areas in Dubai. The houses have wind towers, which are used to keep the interior cooler than outside temperature.


Dubai’s modern and advanced life is so amusing that one might miss discovering the real Dubai and how has it prospered. And to know about this beautiful place one must explore the Al Bastakiya as it has many attractions such as:

  • Gold Souk

    Al Bastakiya- Dubai

    Gold Souk -Dubai


    It is a traditional Arabian marketplace that has over 300 jewellery shops. Jungle of covered walkways where you can buy jewellery at cheaper rates and still haggle for a much better price.

  • Dubai Creek

    A saltwater creek that was so important in Dubai’s history. You must take an abra, the old wooden boat to take a tour of a creek. It’s a unique experience.

    Al Bastakiya- Dubai

    Creek Harbors

  • Dubai Heritage Village

    Al Bastakiya- Dubai

    Dubai Heritage Village


    A well-preserved traditional Arabian village located in the Al Shindagha district. The village will show you the history of Dubai as a fishing and pearling nation.

  • Dubai Museum

    Al Bastakiya- Dubai

    Dubai Museum


    Visit the oldest building in Dubai, Al Fahidi Fort to take a look at Dubai museum. One good opportunity to see Dubai’s rich history and all its antiques.

  • Bastakiya Quater

    Al Bastakiya- Dubai

    Bastakiya Quater

    The Bastakiya Quarter is a historical neighborhood that lies along the bank of the Dubai Creek. The maze of the narrow alleys in Bastakiya district will give you the feeling of old times. Along with some unique shops, cafes and art galleries.

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