Bet Dwarka A short journey

  • Bet Dwarka or Shankhodhar is an inhabited island at mouth of Gulf of Kutch situated 3 km off the coast of Okha, Gujarat, India.

  • The island is measured northwest to southeast in 13 km with an average 4 km in east-west direction.

  • It is a strip of sand and stone situated 30 km north of town of Dwarka.

  • It considered the part of the ancient city in Indian epic literature Dvaraka found in Mahabharata and Skanda Purana.

  • Gujarati scholar UmashankarJoshi suggested that Antardvipa in Sabha Parva of Mahabharata can be identified as Bet Dwarka as Yadava of Dwarka said to travel to it by boats.

  • It derived its name Shankhodhar as the island is a large source of conch shells.

  • Archeological remains found under the sea suggest the existence of settlement during Late Harappan period of Indus Valley Civilizationor immediately after it.

  • It can be reliably dated to times of Maurya Empire.

  • It was a part of Okha Mandal or Kushdwip area.

  • It is mentioned in the copper inscription dated 574 AD of Simhaditya, the minister of Vallabhi under Maitraka.

  • He was the son of Varahdas, the king of Dwarka.

  • The island, along with Okhamandal region, was under Gaekwad of Baroda State.

  • During Indian rebellion of 1857, the Vaghers captured the region in 1857.

  • Later by joint offensive of British, Gaekwad and other princely states troops ousted the rebels and recaptured the region in 1859.

  • After independence of India in 1947, it was integrated in Saurashtra State.

  • Later Saurashtra merged with Bombay State under state reorganization scheme.

  • When Gujarat was created from bifurcation of Bombay State, Bet Dwarka came under Jamnagar district of Gujarat.

  • Devbhoomi Dwarka district was created from Jamnagar district in 2013 so it became part of it.

  • Dhwarkadhish Temple and Shri Keshavraiji Temple are major temples of Krishna.

  • Hanuman Dandi and Vaishnav Mahaprabhu Bethak are also pilgrimage places.

  • Sidi Bawa Peer Dargah, Haji Kirmai Dargah and Gurdwara are also situated here.

  • A small temple of Abhyay mata which is situated south side of this island.

  • The first sea bridge of Gujarat is proposed between Okha and Bet Dwarka.

  • The 2 km long sea bridge is estimated to cost 400 crore.

  • The bet is surrounded by several sand beaches.

  • The southeast most end of bet is known as Dunny Point which is three side surrounded by sea.

  • It is the first place in Gujarat developed for ecotourism.

  • The temporary camps are set up for tourism in summer.

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