Desert Safari – Dubai

Because driving in a daily city traffic is too mainstream, so let us drive in the enormous deserts of Dubai and go for the safari across the enormous deserts of Dubai. Sand and sand dunes at this place make it an excellent place to savor a desert safari. The Desert Safari will give you the experience which is something beyond words and phrases.

Desert Safari - Dubai

One must be wondering how the safe is it to ride on the sand dunes which keep on shifting with the direction of strong wind??Don’t Worry!!! The desert safari drivers are professional and generally, the desert safari will drive on in a group into the desert.


Apart from sitting in the 4X4 land cruiser and exploring the charming view of Arabian desert. There are many more things you can do in a desert safari:

  • Quad Bike Safari

    Desert bikes in Dubai are a toast to every adventurer’s thirst which alone can quench your adrenaline rush, making a person a perfect meanderer.

Desert Safari - Dubai

Quad Bike Safari

  • Sand Boarding

    A thrilling experience of skiing from the highest dunes on a ski-board. And that reassuring feeling to know that there is a pile of soft sand to catch you.

Desert Safari - Dubai

Sand Boarding

  • Camel ride

    The best way to experience the desert environment and enjoying the sunset while you are on the highest dune. Experience trekking across the desert by camel before enjoying a delicious Arabic buffet dinner.

Desert Safari- Dubai

Camel Ride

  • Henna Painting

    Henna painting is the tradition in Arab countries. It has been used as a replacement for tattoos. The leaves of the henna plant are dried and mixed into a paste to dye the skin, hair, even fabric, and leather.

Desert Safari- Dubai

Henna Painting


At last, you reach the Camp as the sun sinks below the dunes and plains. Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner under the Arabian stars while watching live folk and belly-dancing shows at the end of the desert safari.

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