Haridwar : Gateway to god

Haridwar is derived from  two words Hari and Dwar. Hari means god and Dwar means gate. Haridwar means gateway to the god. Also called as Gangadwara, as river Ganga enters Indo gangetic plain after covering a distance of 310 Km. It is also one of the seven holy places in India and is mentioned in ancient scriptures too.Kumbh mela ,one of the biggest holy festivals all across India is celebrated in Haridwar every three years.Maha Kumbhamela is going to take place in Haridwar in 2022.

In order to reach Mount Kailash ,the eternal abode of Lord Shiva haridwar is a place to start a pilgrim’s journey, infact it serves as a gateway to chardham in Uttarakhand.The most famous pilgrimages located in Haridwar are Gangadwara (har ki pauri), Kushwart(Ghat), kankhal, Bilwa teerth(Mansa devi temple), and Neel parwat.

It is also said that Haridwar has been blessed by the attendance of all three major Gods; Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Lord Vishnu is said to have left his footprint on the stone that is set in the upper wall of Har-Ki-Pauri, where the Holy Ganges touches it. Har-Ki-Pauri in Haridwar is one of the four places out of 12 places  where Amrit got from churning of sea was sprinkled on earth.

Har ki Pauri

Apart from visiting temples you can also do lot of other things. Some of the activities you can enjoy in Haridwar are following:

Aarti at holy Ganges: Enjoy the serene place full of divinity and religious hymns and chants in evening and early morning.You will get the auspicious feel full of devotion.  

Ganga aarti

Rejuvenate with yoga: The are many yogashrams here, where you can practice yoga and also there are morning and evening yoga classes provided in some of ashrams.

Yoga practice

Relax with meditation : You can relax and meditate  in surroundings full of positive divine vibes. Even there are lot of meditation instructurs to guide you.

Medidation in arms of mothernature

Holy Dip at Ganges: If you want to wash away all your sins this is the place you should visit as is it a belief  in Hindus that  if you take a bath in the river Ganges your all sins will be removed.

Dip in Ganga


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