Houseboats in Dal lake

Dal lake, which is the second largest in the of Jammu and Kashmir is important part of tourism and recreation in Kashmir and is named the “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir” or “Srinagar’s Jewel”.

The Dal Lake has the length of 8 Km long and a width of 4 Km, is spread over a total of 26 Sq. Km. The fascinating Dal Lake is divided into two smaller ones the Lokut (small) and Bod (big) lake . The lake is also an important source for commercial fishing and water plant harvesting.

There are floating gardens in this part of lake with cultivation of Potato, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, radish and lots of other. These gardens consist of reed rafts which are covered by 1020 CM thick layer of earth and mud.

The lake comprises of intricate waterways and channels, floating islands of vegetation, houseboats that look so mesmerizing and looks like hotels on islands which could simply float away.

There are many groups of Houseboats that offer rooms on board a traditional houseboat on Dal Lake, about 3 km from Lal Chowk. There are different types of houseboats you can choose from . Some houseboats even come with an attendant, as well as provides 24-hour room service. Even the front desk operates 24 hours. Apart from that one can also get services like laundry service, doctor on call, wired internet.

A short stroll away from lake is a local market which sells many Kashmir handicrafts. So come and explore this beautiful place with us

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By: Pabla Iraz

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