Ever seen a huge flower garden in the desert?!! NO?? Well for that you need to visit Miracle Garden in DUBAI. A visit here is like walking straight into the heaven’s gateway.This impossible attraction, the world’s largest flower garden opened its gates in this city of wonders and dreams on Valentine’s Day in 2013.The Dubai Miracle Garden is discreetly tucked away within Dubai land, near the Arabian Ranches.



Featuring over 45 million flowers over an 72,000 sq meter site. One might wonder how flowers like calendulas, petunias, marigolds could flourish in Dubai’s arid heat,transforming this dull and lifeless desert into a beautiful paradise?! NOW THAT’S THE MIRACLE!!

The Miracle garden does not only has flower beds but also the flowers are grown and bloomed in a spectrum of colors, styles and shapes resembling stars, hearts, circles, sculptures, vintage-style vehicles, igloos, and pyramids which makes this garden unforgettable for the visitors.

One of the many fascinating features of the garden is wondrous  flower wall of  1 kilometer circumference that has put the garden into the list of candidates competing for a Guinness Record for the longest flower wall in the world.Talking of Guinness Record, Miracle Garden does hold the record for the largest flower arrangement/structure forming the shape of the Airbus A380

The Emirates A380 Blossoms at Dubai Miracle Garden


Following are some more Factual Figures of this inexplicable Garden:

  • It took 400 people and 60 days to complete
  • Spans 721,000 square foot
  • Cost around $11 million to complete
  • Constructed using 45 million flowers using 45 different flower varieties and color
  • Incorporates an eco-friendly irrigation system and uses water retention materials to keep flowers efficiently moist.


Best time to visit Miracle Garden

Don’t like crowded places!!…The best timing to visit the miracle Garden is as early as possible(i.e. 10:00 AM), so you can enjoy your day as well as click as many pictures you want without any intrusions.

Planning to visit Dubai?

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