Monolithic Bull at Hampi

Monolithic Bull at Hampi

Monolithic Bull at Hampi


Locally known as Yeduru Basavanna or Nandi, this monolithic bull marks the east end of the Virupaksha Bazaar. The statue is housed in a twin storied pavilion built on an elevated platform. A heap of gigantic boulders behind the pavilion offers an interesting backdrop. Though partially mutilated and carved in a coarse style, this Nandi attracts visitor owing to its giant size.

Monolithic Bull pavilion Nandi is the mount of lord Shiva and it’s symbolic that this one faces the Shiva shrine (Virupaksha Temple) located at the opposite end of the street, about a kilometer from it. At a little distance in front of the Nandi you can also spot a tall stone lamp post with metal spikes over it.

A flight of steps along the left side of the Nandi pavilion leads you to the Achyuta Raya’s Temple located across the hill.

Yeduru Basavanna as its known locally or simply the Nandi is basically a monolithic bull which symbolizes the east end of the Virupaksha Bazaar at Hampi. This is in essence a statue that resides in a twin storied pavilion which is built on an elevated platform and offers a majestic view of the culture. Yeduru Basavanna or the monolithic bull is partially mutilated but has a great backdrop of boulders offering an interesting view. Basically a Nandi it is the mount of Lord Shiva.

It is one of the most prominent structures in Hampi and is a huge attraction and being a part of Hampi it is also recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

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