Mt. Girnar: Highest peak in Gujarat

Girnar is the highest hill in Gujarat at an altitude of 3672 feet. It is also  an ancient hill in Junagadh.It is a very famous piligrimage site in India as it is covered with 866 Hindu and Jain temples spread over 5 summits. To reach the final summit one has to climb 9999 steps.The base from where the trek starts is called Girnar Taleti and is just 4 km east of the center of Junagadh.

While continuing the trek one will have to start from Domdar Kund, near the Damodar and Baldvji temples.It is a belief that the 15th-century poet Narsinh Mehta used to take bath here, and at the same place he composed many of his hymns.As you climb upwards along the 5 summits, you will go past many temples of different sects of Hinduism.

The Bhavnath temple in starting which is dedicated to lord Shiva anf hereby “naked sadhus” come to celebrate Shivaratri. After ascending 4000 steps and 800 steps before the first summit, you come across a plateau with a Jain temple complex. Among these temples is the divine site where Neminath who was the 22nd tirthankar of Jainism, drew his last breadth after 700 years of ascetic meditation. After climbing 2000 more you will find the temple of Amba Mata (the Mother Goddess) and from here you can start noticing the beautiful panorama all across. Then as we continue along the stone trail we will find a temple to Kalika, where the Aghora sadhus can be found covered with funeral ashes.

Apart from being a place of religious importance it is also a destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers as the view from the highest point in Gujarat is as pretty as picture. Also, climbing 9999 steps along the trek is worthy lifetime adventure.

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By: Pabla Iraz

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