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When we think about Kerala, first thing comes in our mind is Gods own country which indeed is true if we talk about this scenic place. Be it the canals in Alleppy , tea plantations of Munnar, be it historical place like Palace of Padmanabhapuram or the cultural capital Thrissur , Kerala has it all. Even if you want to just take a break and ease off   at the seclusive beaches  in heart of nature Kerala is the destination beyond comparison. So what are you waiting for , pack your bags and set in motion for this trip which is one in all destination for the fun, amour, and be servile  to the nature. Here are some of the must visit places where you should definitely add to your drop in list.


Munnar tea plantations:

Munnar is situated in Iddukki district of Kerala.Munnar tea plantations, located about 1600m above the sea level  provides your eyes with lush green scenery with a very enticing climate you will fall in love with. It’s south India’s largest tea growing region . The  landscape covering tea plantation is spread in acres of land and will give you a soothing experience away from crowd. So just walk into the fields with a camera and capture the memories of this picture perfect place.


Tea plantations in Munnar

Echo point Munnar:

Echo point is located 15 Km from Munnar and  on the way to Topstation which is the highest  point in Munnar. It got its name from the fact that when you scream out here you will hear your voice returning back along the banks of lake. So if you want to have some high time listening to yourself at this one of the most beauteous places surrounded with mist covered hills and chirpy walk along the nature comeup to this place full of visual retreat.

Mattupetty Dam:

A picturesque  lake with the background of hills and lousy with  sport activities out of which speedboating is the major attraction .If you are lucky you will be able to catch the sight of Indian elephants on the banks .


Alleppy ,also known as Allaphuza is positioned  in the southern part of Kerala and is the place where you come to know the meaning of tranquility and you just get absorbed in the picture book canals, sublime lagoons and mesmerizing beach shores.


A glimpse of Alleppy backwaters

Allaphuzha beach:

Perfect sunset and sunrise point located in the midst of town, You can visit and climb up the lighthouse too if you want to get a panorama of allaphuza town.

Kerala backwaters tour in cruise:

Travel down in the bewitching canals lined with paddy fields,elegant coconut tress, radiant aquatic flora and fauna and witness  the inviting houses and life in small villages .of kerala.You can also book a canue and get the divine feeling of  being with the mothernature. There are plentious options from which you can pick the preferred one . There are  shikaras, the canues ,boat cruise and even the houseboats where you can stay all night and get  a once in a lifetime feeling.

Marari beach

If you are looking for some calm and serene beach to relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones, this white sand beach  surrounded by palm trees is the perfect place.


Located in the south west coast of India it is a blend of Portuguese ,Indian ,English and Holland cultures. It  splendidly  engrosses the fishing nets from China, hundreds of years synagogue and acient mosques. Its one of the finest places to lay eyes on the art and culture of kerala and even the kathakali art centre is located here itself where you can not only witness but also get trained on some basic kathakali steps.


Chinese fishing nets Kochi

Chinese fishing nets:

While going to fort kochi beach in for kochi area these huge Chinese fishing nets can’t be missed out . Chinese fishing nets are believed to have been introduced in Kochi by Chinese explorer Zheng He.You can also go to the  stricture and try hand at fishing by taking help of fishermens  who will  assist you  with pulling the ropes  and teach you to catch fish using these huge nets and will aid you in about bringing up the nets.

Jew Town:

Jew town is a lane between synagogue and matanacherry where jews were given shelter by king of kochi.A rich place to walk around with  lot of shops that offer you with the variety of  antiques  to choose from ranging from jewelry,crockery to  sculptures, handmade toys, embroidered garments. Also kerala famous Golden border saaris can be bought here.

Santa Cruz Basilica:

Situated in fort Kochi area this is one of eight basilicas in India and one of oldest churches in India. It’s a really angelic and peaceful place whereby the mural paintings done by an Italian painter along with Fra Antonio Moscheni on the ceiling are exquisite.

Indo Portuguese museum:

Indo Portuguese museum present in Bishop’s house preserves and showcase the rich culture heritage and influence of Portuguese on it. The museum has five main sections: Altar, Treasure, Procession, Civil Life and Cathedral which are worth a watch.


A place full of hills and aromatic spices when we think of thekkady what comes in mind in ravishing lasndscapes and hill towns and  a perfect place to trek. In the Periyar forest of thekaddy district is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries of India.


Periyar wildlife sanctuary

Periyar Wildlife sanctuary:

Spread in area of 777Km2 in thekaddy is one of the most astonishing natural wildlife reserves of World. It was also declared as tiger reserve in 1978.In this  tropical evergreen and moist deciduous forests you can view a rich flora including 171 species of grass, 140 species of orchids and trees like teak, rosewoods, terminalias, sandalwoods, jacarandas. Apart from this the fauna is equally sightly which includes  35 species of mammals recorded in the park, including many threatened species like Bengal tiger,Indian elephants and mammals like gaur, sambar, wild pig, Indian giant squirrel, Travancore flying squirrel, jungle.Also about 266 species of birds and 45 species of reptiles can be seen in the park, including migrants.

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