Pilot baba ashram in Uttarakhand

One birth is given by your parents
Another birth you have to manage by yourself.
The first birth is going to end up in death
The second birth is the beginning of ETERNITY – no death – no end – no beginning
 Mahayogi Pilot Baba

Pilot baba ashram is situated at a beautiful location in Gethia Jeolikote in Nainital. Pilot Baba as name given by his disciples is an Indian spiritual guru who worked as a fighter pilot with the Indian Air Force

How to reach
To Visit Pilot Baba Gethia Ashram you will have to come to Nainital.You can then hire a cab from Nainital.

Transformation from Pilot to Mahayogi
Pilot Babas aircraft lost control when he was flying during 1962 war and there was no hope left of survival because of severe contact with the base. It was then he was guided by Hari Baba, his spiritual guru him to land fighter aircraft safely.This event changed the life of Pilot baba and he took retirement from Indian airforce to realize the actual meaning of life.

He started meditating in the solitude of Himalayan caves .Finally, through the power and with the help and support of his Guru Hari Baba, the saintly gift of samadhi was endowed on him; he discovered spiritual unisome, a state of consciousness. After living a life of hermit in the Himalayas, Pilot Baba served society and helped people in setting a bridge between the persons body and soul .

Some facts about Pilot Baba:
He demonstrated the various aspects of Samādhi .

1. He practiced SAMĀDHI UNDER THE GROUND, known when the elements of his body were in full harmony with the elements of the Earth.
2. He established SAMĀDHI IN WATER several times and even stayed under water for six days.
3. He demonstrated SAMĀDHI IN AIR while in a hermetically sealed glass container, Baba Ji dematerialized his body.
4. He stayed in a state of Samādhi in the ice caves of the Himalayas for 33 days.

So if you are seeking the spiritual retreat, and experience of relaxing your mind and soul. This is the exemplary location you should visit.

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