Few unusual and remarkable places to visit in India in October

Hey Folks! Diwali is coming soon – right here in October. So with a few holidays coming up, have you made your plans to go some where? The best part is that even kids have their school holidays so ek family trip to banta hai!

Now that you want to go some place – have you decided upon it? Here are some of the interesting options / destinations that you can explore in the month of October!

1. Jamshedpur

I know – you would think – really, Jamshedpur is that even a destination – but then what better than a quiet city to visit with family and have a ball of a time. Jamshedpur has everything you can ask for to escape from your noisy, polluted, frustrating city life- No traffic, unbelievably clean 7th cleanest city in India in 2016, to be precise, amazing tourist attractions and greenery all around the city. Yet, it has a very cosmopolitan population with a good mix of cultures.

Awesome and Unusual places to visit in October

Jubilee Park Jamshedpur


Okay, agreed! so what to do in Jamshedpur? Here are some places of interest that you might want to check out in Jamshedpur:

Jubilee Park
Dimna Lake
Bhuvaneshwari Temple
Tata Steel Zoological Park
Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
Jayanti Saro
Jubilee Lake

2. Hampi and Badami

Wonder not people – this is the most searched place in India and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The number of temples to explore and ruins to see is unbelievably wonderful. Plus every temple has its own tale to tell – its own unique history to present.

Virupaksha Temple Hampi

Virupaksha Temple Hampi


Some of the interesting sites to see in Hampi and Badami:

Vithala Temple Complex
Group of Monuments at Hampi
Virupaksha Temple
Matanga Hill
Monkey Temple
Statue of Ugra Narsimha
Elephant Stables
Vijaya Vittala Temple
Tungabhadra River
Lotus Palace
Stepped Tank
Hazara Rama Temple

3. Daman

Trust me for a moment if you want to think you are in Portugal – Then Daman is a good choice of location for you to think off. Daman prides itself on its rich and ied historical heritage covering more than 2 millenniums. The beaches and religious places of Daman are a mesmerising combination of silver talcum sands, stretches of lazy palms and ancient monuments. For some quality time with your family or a romantic long weekend trip which doesnt burn too much of cash – Daman is a great place to be at!


Unusual places to visit in October


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