Visa requirements visiting Bhutan Indians

Visa requirements visiting Bhutan Indians

Planning on visiting the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan anytime soon? Well thats great – cause for one you are visiting the happiest country in the world and two – if you are an Indian then you can get a visa for Bhutan on the entry point.

Bhutan Visa requirements for Indians

If you are an Indian then you need to carry any of the two valid ‘travel documents’ – either a valid Indian passport with a minimum of 6 months validity left in it OR a Voter Identity card issues by the Election commission of India.

For Indians – No visa is required to visit Bhutan.

Instead of a visa Indian nationals are required to just obtain a simple ‘Entry Permit’ on the basis of the presented travel document. This permit is issued by the Immigration office of the Royal Government of Bhutan – Phuentsholing.

Visa requirements for Bhutan - for Indians

What happens if you are not carrying either of the above mentioned documents? Well Indians going to Bhutan can also visit the Indian Consulate office and apply for an Identification Slip with proper address proof (Basically an Aadhar card can suffice).

When you have this entry permit – you are only allowed to visit the two cities of Paro and Thimphu – however if you are looking to explore Bhutan a bit further then you must apply for a ‘Special Area Permit’ again issued by Royal Government of Bhutan Immigration Office – located at Thimphu.

Bhutan is a great place to visit for Indians – especially if you are on a family holiday looking for some quiet time to be spent with your family with some amazing Himalayan views and clean air. Typically one must avoid the months during July to September – but the summers are definitely pleasant!

Still have questions – Do visit the Bhutan Tourism Govt’s official website for more on visa information

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