Wat Traimit – Golden Buddha statue in Bangkok

One of the prime attractions in Bangkok in case you happen to visit Thailand is Wat Traimit. Located near the Hualampong Railway station Wat Traimit is much famous for world’s largest Gold seated Buddha statue. It makes an interesting sight for the eyes when you come across this golden beauty which is nearly five meters in height and roughly five and half tons in weight.Golden Buddha statue at Wat Traimit

It is said that when it was made the clever artisans who crafted the Buddha disguised the statue by covering it with stucco and plaster. This way they prevented the invading armies and enemies from knowing its true worth.

Golden Buddha statue at Wat Traimit

This statue was accidentally discovered when it was dropped in the 1950’s while it was being moved. The plaster casing broke revealing the beautiful pure gold status of Buddha which is said to be in Sukhoi style. Interestingly the pieces of plaster are still kept on display for the public to view. The temple, which is officially named Wat Traimit Withayaram Worawihan and also known as “The Temple of the Golden Buddha

After it was discovered the status is now moved in a new chapel. This chapel is perched high atop a four story marble-clad structure. Visitors can witness the history of Chinese community in Bangkok in the exhibits presented on the second floor. While the third floor also houses a museum which depicts the history of the Golden Buddha itself. For the tourists there is also a video presentation which provides a good brief background on Buddha.

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