The World of Gods: Mystical facts lying in caves of Patalbhuvaneshwar


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Situated 90 feet below the ground level, in the mountains  14 km from Gangolihat in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state in India  is a place called Patalbhuvaneshwar. It is the same place which was called Patallok in Puranas. Patalbhuvaneshwar a world of 10k caves spread along a distance of 130mt and encompasses lot of mysteries hidden in the ancient rocks. As soon as we get inside the main gate we witness the thousands of years of history together. It’s the same place which was called Devaloka in Puranas and the place which was considered to be the starting point of universe and also the end of the world. Nothing inside the cave is man made everything is said to be the composition by lord Brahma.We will be digging out some of the mysteries these caves hide in itself :

1.A place where the secret when the world will come to end lies:

There is a pole which is increasing in height will touch the height of the structure called akashganga in the  cave which is believed to be universe, Kalyug and hence this World will come to end.The pole made by rock has yet to cover a distance of 3 feet.There are poles of satyug,tretayug and dwaparyug as well that already touched the height of cave and are now disappeared. Isn’t it really surprising to see different worlds that generated and then also came to an end under the same caves.

The stone depicting Kalyug


2.Universe of snakes:

Lord Vishnu’s  Shaish Naga and  also the snake got by churning sea (Samudra manthan) is still present as ruins in this cave .In these caves today also you can see the spiral bone,sharp teeths of Shaish Naga. As it’s a belief that the world is standing on the snakes head and this is believed to be the same place where Shaish naga holds the World over it. Along with it it’s the same locii where all the world’s snakes were burnt and buried .But still the pot like structure where all snakes were buried is seen .Also we can see the carvings of a Snake god Takshat which escaped while burning as he was gifted.

Snake in the cave


3.All the Chardhams exist here:

It’s a belief that if you go to four abodes your lifetime sins will be sweeped away.If you ever wanted to go to 4 abodes(chardham) and could not make it  to all the four dhams due to any reason you can visit Patalbhuvaneshwar to get the same results.All the 4 dhams are present together in this divine place.

A picture of Kedarnath


4. Zone where 33crore gods live together:

Although it is 8000 years old caves,Its believed that this cave was found by Adishankracharya in 8th century.Only place in the world to have Shiva,Vishnu and Brahma together.You can see 33crores of Gods together.

Photo inside the cave depicting sculptures of Gods


5. Site where torso of Lord Ganesha still makes it presence:

Also this is the same place where the primeval lord Ganesha is kept. Shiva cut the head of lord Ganesha and fixed an elephant head instead . Here we can espy Adiganesh also(Adi meaning without the head ). There is a sahastradal lotus present over the adiganesh structure which was used to spray holy water(Amrit) on the torso until the elephants head was fixed.

Lord Ganesha without head and sahastradal lotus protecting him


6.The path to achieve Salvation is in Patalbhuvaneshwar itself:

Also we can observe the tongue of Kalbhairav, from his mouth is the way ahead to Brahmalok. It is said in Purana that anyone who crosses this path from Kalbhairav’s mouth to his  tail he will be free from the cycle of birth and death as he will get salvation.

Entrance of cave temple


7.Domicile that depicts Lord Hanumana:

It’s also the same section that was mentioned in Mahabharat and depicts about Lord Hanumana.Its the same point where Lord Hanuman challenged Bhima. Bhima couldn’t recognize Hanumana and asked him to take his tail away but he could not.

Picture depicting Lord Hanumana and Bhima


8.Place where Pandavas stayed:

Its also the same venue where Pandavas stayed in Dwaparyuga ,and pndavas got the divine sight of  lord Shiva .There are thousands of shiv linga of lord shiva in these caves.One of the suprising Lingas there is Narnadeshwar and the speciality of that shivlinga is that its always half dry and half wet;if you put water on it then also front  half will become dry and will soak it whereas backside half will remain wet.

Lord Shiva


9.The holy water which was taken after Samudra Manthan was stored over here:

Also we can see the sculpture of bird Hamsa which is believed to guard the holy wateramrit) taken out after Samudra Manthan.Also there is a story that the Hanma was about to drink that holy water and Lord Brahma came to know about it and gave him a curse that his neck will remain inverted backwards and surprisingly in the sculpture today its still the same backwards turning position of Hamsa.

Hamsa protecting amrit got from Samudra Manthan


10.The secret behind Naming the town as Patalbhuvaneshwar lies here:

There is also the structure of Patalbhuvaneshwari goddess on whose name the name of Patalbhubhaneshwar is kept. Also the couch of Lord Shiva along with the lions skin which he used to wear on his body can still be witnessed in this cave.

Shiv Linga in the cave


These are the some interesting mysteries about a place located in Uttarakhand.I am sure you are wondering if you can visit there; If you really want to witness the magical place of Patalbhuvaneshwar join us in our Himalaya Darshan yatra

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